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Wife's pet (rebirth) Full-time Job

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Snow White pursed her red lips and had to pick up chopsticks to pick up Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket. The eldest brother is very strict with her now. The snow was falling in clumps, like cotton balls being torn to pieces. After breakfast, Bai Xue sat on the arhat table near the window to choose the cloth. When the mother was pregnant, she wanted to make some small clothes for her unborn brother or sister. Chen Ronghe looked at the colorful pile of cloth and thought it was interesting. He took a leisure book and sat at the other end of the arhat collapse to accompany her. The prince's wife, Lu silk is soft and thick, Shu brocade is bright in color, and it is good to make jackets. The autumn chrysanthemum picked it up and showed it to Bai Xue. "The maidservant thinks that this piece of sky-blue brocade embroidered with cloud patterns is not bad.". Happy and generous. Bai Xue nods: "Be very good, stay." After a pause, she suddenly remembered something and looked up at Chen Ronghe. "Elder brother, are you cold?" She remembered that he was afraid of the cold. I'm not cold. You're busy. Chen Ronghe enjoyed the atmosphere of looking up and seeing her. "Don't worry," he said with a smile. Snow looked at him for a moment, then got up and shook his hand. Sure enough, it was warm, so I was relieved. Then he took out two pairs of finished winter socks from the basket and said, "I made them for you, and they have been starched and washed.". You try.. Does it fit? A pair of snow white,316ti stainless steel, a pair of brown. The edges are embroidered with bamboo leaf patterns, and the stitches are very fine. Chen Ronghe took it over and touched it with his hand: "It looks very suitable." As he spoke, he took off his high felt boots. Bai Xue half crouched and took off Sujuan's socks for him. Chen Rong tried on the brown one, "not too big or too small, and it's very comfortable to wear." Snow White saw a few eyes: "Then put on, you change this pair,x60 line pipe, I will let the girl send to the starching room later." Chen Ronghe answered "good" and put on high felt boots. Becoming friendly and not getting married is different. He didn't care much when he heard Chen Rongan talking about it before, but this time he understood. When you get married, your wife will take care of your daily life and take care of your clothes. This kind of considerate and wonderful feeling is totally different from the way people behave according to the rules. Wu Hua came in from the outside. He bowed and said, "Prince, the Marquis has something urgent to call you to the study." "What is it?" Chen Ronghe asked. The slave did not know that it was Hou Ye's personal bodyguard who came to pass on the words, and he was still waiting in the study. "You go." Snow White thought for a moment and urged him, "Don't let father wait too long." Chen Rong told Bai Xue a few words and said that he would have lunch with her at noon. Snow white one by one promised to come down, but in the heart some funny. Chen Ru's Jingyuxuan is only half a cup of tea away from Jingyuanyuan at the longest, and the eldest brother is reluctant to part with it. She opened the coral double-door wardrobe and took a fox hair cloak for Chen Rong to put on. There was a north wind outside, mixed with snowflakes, whistling and flying all over the sky. In Jingyuxuan. Chen Ruping retreated around and walked up and down alone in the main hall, looking out from time to time, x52 line pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, his resolute face anxious. Chen Rong and just picked up the curtain and walked in, Chen Ru immediately greeted him, "and brother, something big has happened." "Father, don't panic." Chen Ronghe poured a cup of hot tea and handed it over: "Take a sip to moisten your throat first." Chen Ru sighed and rubbed his hands. "My heart is on fire. Where can I drink it?" Seeing that his eldest son was still smiling, he had to reach out and take it. What the hell is going on? Chen Rong untied his cloak, put it on the arm-chair, and went to the charcoal fire to roast his hands. Last night, there was a mutiny at the gate at noon. The four princes asked the emperor to come out and were arrested by the prince's men. It's still hidden from the emperor until now. Chen Rong and a surprised, this matter he did not know. Where did the father get the news? Who did you hear that from? Is it still true? Chen Ronghe nodded and explained to his eldest son, "I used to save Li Ruiyin's life when I led the troops to fight. He is now the bodyguard of the prince.". He knew that the Chen family and the four princes had always had a close relationship, and he was afraid of being involved. He sent a message to him. Chen Rong hesitated for a moment, then suddenly called Wu Hua in and asked him to prepare the carriage. Where are you going, brother? “…… Go to Xiangwangfu. Zhang Changlin is still in the residence of the four princes. Prince Ye is taking advantage of the big Chinese New Year's people are at home, only dare to be so unexpected. He should not know about the four princes. They need to discuss what to do next. The eldest son told him about the alliance between the Chen family and the four princes, and Chen Ru felt even more uneasy and wanted to follow him. Father, the old and the young in the family can't live without people. You can keep them. Prince's mind is unpredictable, he also roped in the second brother, don't come to our house when the time comes. If you and I are not here, there will be no one in the house to make decisions. "Yes, too." Chen Ru sent Chen Rong out of the yard and told him, "If there is a turn for the better, remember to send a message back." Chen Rong waved his hand and turned away. The figure soon disappeared in the vast wind and snow. Chen Ru, in essence, is a boor. He did not have the ability of literati to discuss major principles at every turn, nor did he disdain to do so. This time, it is rare to sigh with emotion: "This year, it seems that it is not too.". It's flat 。” With a sigh, he shook off his sleeves and followed the bluestone path to the corner veranda. Go to Wang's Shanglin Garden. The wife is now pregnant, the mood is not stable, as a husband, should be accompanied by a lot. On the way, I met Chen Wanlan with an oil-paper umbrella. She wore a light green silk cloak, her cheeks were fatter, and her eyes were bright and dewy. She was followed by a little girl about her age. Sister Lan, where are you going? Chen Ru rubbed her little daughter's hair and said kindly, "I've grown taller again." Chen Wanlan bowed and said,a333 grade 6 pipe, "I haven't talked to my sister-in-law since she married my eldest brother.". Sister Lan misses her. The youngest daughter was innocent, and Chen Ru's mood was much better. He laughed and said, "Go ahead. Be careful on the way. Don't fall down." Sister Lan is most like Aunt Ann. She is a timid person. It's good to get along with others. lksteelpipe.com

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