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The whole world is at my feet. Full-time Job

2 months ago Security & Safety Dadeldhurā   81 views
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"Life is rare, I can go to see at any time, the teacher is not necessarily.". So you go with him. Sikong Wenxing promised well and came back to tell Wen Rujin: "Professor, his daughter is the senior fan of Wen Gaoyang!"! I heard that his whole family liked to listen to Gao Yang, so I finally bought some tickets for his whole family to go together, but I couldn't get VIP tickets, so they probably had to sit separately. Wen Rujin is really speechless to this idiot, but the sincerity of the idiot is real. In the following time, Wen Rujin also received several large-scale and difficult operations one after another, including patients transferred from extremely underdeveloped areas in China, whose physical condition generally has a variety of problems, and the operation will be more difficult. There are also patients transferred from abroad who see their children's mothers playing their national musical instruments piously, "God will bless my children." At that time, the other doctors showed a look of intolerance. Only Wen Rujin nodded: "Yes, the gods will bless his devout followers." Then he went into the operating room without hesitation. Without exception, the success rate of his operation is 100%. After each of his operations, he was greeted with the most sincere and profound gratitude. Even in the course of the operation,fake ficus tree, patients with cardiac arrest and irreparable heart massage were eventually rescued in his hands, without exception. Wen Rujin has shocked the medical community again and again with his superb skills and incredible success rate of surgery. He has been called "the son of God" by the major international media for many times, and a capital poster is very famous. It was a snapshot of Wen Rujin's hands holding a scalpel. Those long, thin and powerful hands, after wearing gloves, still did not change their beautiful shape. The name of the photo was the hands kissed by God. In China, it is even simpler. The domestic media,silk ficus tree, who love four words, call Wen Rujin a medical master. The author has something to say: Baymax also saw those medical films to know that the original heart massage/massage and open the chest to pinch the heart with his hands. One-step attending physician is not possible in reality. This is a fictional story. Wen Wen is not an ordinary person. Just ignore it. · Brother Su is the test point, and the little cuties can spread their thinking to analyze this stuff ^ _ ^ Chapter 10 Chapter 10 After operating on a number of giants with high status in different fields, Wen Rujin is becoming more and more famous in the industry. He is almost deified because of his 100% success rate. Although some operations can be completed by ordinary doctors, patients always hope that Wen Rujin can operate. Of course, Wen Rujin will not take these operations. He has made it clear that he only challenges difficult operations that others can't do. As for the operation that other doctors can operate, he will never intervene, only in this way, he will not have a conflict of interest with other excellent doctors. Wen Rujin will accept the operation of these big shots purely because most of the people who have reached that height are already middle-aged and elderly people, and middle-aged and elderly people are most likely to suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Among the thousands of big shots suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases around the world, there will always be a few people whose problems will be more difficult. These people belong to Wen Rujin. In fact, Wen Rujin knows that poor people may have more diseases, silk ficus tree ,faux grass wall, but because they do not have the funds to go to big hospitals, Wen Rujin may also miss many patients who need him. After accumulating enough fame, Wen Rujin applied to the hospital for resignation. Next, he will go to various parts of the world to select suitable private aircraft, to negotiate the purchase of medical equipment, to find like-minded partners. The hospital did not insist on detaining, but asked: "If there are patients in the hospital who need you, I hope you can come back as soon as possible, can you promise?" "Of course." Wen Rujin agreed, "I want to build an air hospital, the purpose is to hope that where there are patients, I can go." The dean looked at him deeply. "You are a good doctor, and your teacher will be proud of you.". If you are in need of funds, I can help you in a private capacity. ” Wen Rujin eventually became the youngest and most legendary "invited expert" in Yanjing First People's Hospital, specializing in difficult cardiac surgery. Before he really left, Wen Rujin was relatively free for half a month, and then he received a phone call from Sikong Wenxing. Vingo! Brother Wen, come quickly. Wen Rujin put down the medical journal in her hand and asked, "What's wrong?"? Where are you "I'm at the newly opened'Shuang Ah Shuang Haidilao 'next to the Rainbow Mall in the city center." Sikong Wenxing's voice was a little vague, apparently talking while eating. "Whoo, I'm so touched. Brother Wen, the service of Haidilao is good. They saw me come to eat Haidilao alone. Because they were afraid of my loneliness, they specially got a dog to accompany me to eat together. Whoo, really sweet ah, super touched! Come on, eat, good dog, do you want to eat this meat? Next, Sikong Wenxing held up his mobile phone and fell into the joy of teasing and feeding the dog as if no one was watching. Wen Rujin: ".." At this moment, really, there is nothing to say. When Wen Rujin arrived at the Haidilao in Sikong Wenxing's mouth, she saw Sikong Wenxing sitting by the window and eating happily, as well as the dog squatting on the sofa opposite Sikong Wen Xing. The dog squatted with two front paws cleverly on the table, breathing in his mouth, and staring at the meat held by Sikong Wen Xing's chopsticks. It was really cute and well-behaved. Wen Rujin looked carefully, yellow ears and white hair, this may still be a relatively pure Chinese pastoral dog. Well, Vingo! This way, this way. Sikong Wenxing waved to Wen Rujin vigorously. After Wen Rujin came over, the dog saw that Wen Rujin was looking for Sikong Wenxing. He immediately jumped off the sofa very cleverly and sensibly. He wagged his tail at SiKong Wenxing as a farewell and turned around and ran away. Wow,artificial banyan trees, my dog got away! As soon as Sikong Wenxing was excited, he did not clamp the cow louver and splashed the hot soup, which made him cry out. hacartificialtree.com

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