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The slave family does not follow good by eating green plum sauce. Full-time Job

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Always feel that these high-ranking people always like to be suspicious, even when they speak, they have to explore from time to time, which inevitably makes people cautious. Like a casual question, Su Qing could not help shrinking his neck, his face sincere tunnel, "back to Wang Ye.". Chicken. The only thing the slave family thought about from beginning to end was the chicken! Bu Xianyin chuckled beside him, "I didn't expect that in one night, Miss Shu had a feeling with a chicken in Houfu." “……” Su Qing silently glanced away, some do not want to continue this strange topic about "chicken", a clear cough, "in fact, the slave's cooking is really good, in addition to this stew, Wang Ye did not feel that other dishes are delicious, color and fragrance?" A gust of wind, with a touch of wine. Gu yuan looked at her like an idiot. "How about the imperial kitchen in the palace?" I almost forgot the identity of this one. Su Qing was so choked, but his old face was thick. "Wang Ye is used to eating delicacies, and he must have been tired of it long ago. Maybe the home-cooked dishes of the slave's family are more appetizing." "If there is another home-cooked dish like this, Ben Wang promises that your bones will be on the table another day." Gu yuan tapped the plate gently and raised his lips coolly. Looking at the silent Su Qing,Brushless Gear Motor, he got up and walked out, dropping a sentence, "When dinner is ready tonight, send it directly to the king's house." Su Qing looked at the cold and slender figure gradually out of sight, Leng Leng still pondering the meaning of this. Bu Xianyin came over and put the chicken paste in her hand and said with a smile, "If Wang Ye hadn't stayed in my room for dinner today, I wouldn't have known that Wang Ye was tired of eating the abalone and ginseng wing belly, but now I really want to change my taste.". Wang Ye's appetite has been poor these days. Thanks to Miss Shu,Micro Gear Motor, it's rare for him to have a good meal at noon. Su Qing finally paid attention to the meaning of the words, his expression changed several times, and he forcibly pressed down the rude words that had come to his mouth. If you think her dish is right, just say it. Is it necessary to hold that dead chicken for a long time! She looked up at Bu Xianyin with an expressionless face and said without sincerity, "I really want to thank Mr. Bu for inviting Wang Ye to come to the courtyard for dinner." Bu Xianyin smiled faintly, "Wang Ye happened to stay in Qinxin Courtyard last night. This is Miss Shu's own blessing." "Stay, stay?" The corners of Su Qing's mouth twitched slightly. This lonely man is really hard not to imagine. No, there's another Angelica dahurica in this yard! Was it difficult last night. Looking at this face, which was exactly the same as Sumo's, she really felt a little unable to accept the pictures that kept pouring out of her mind. With a bang, the cup fell to the ground and broke into thousands of pieces, interrupting her imagination. Angelica dahurica looked at Bu Xianyin with an unbearable face and a low tone. "How many times have you said that? Don't say such words that are easy to misunderstand!" Bu Xianyin chuckled, and despite the opposition of Angelica dahurica, he took his hand and went to the house. "Well, Planetary Gear Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, don't make trouble. It's time to take medicine after lunch. It's not good to miss the time." When he arrived at the door, he looked back and waved his hand, "Miss Shu, I won't send you far away." Then, Su Qing watched helplessly as Angelica dahurica was dragged into the house after struggling ineffectively. She could not help looking up at the beautiful sky, some headache, "it really does not seem to be a misunderstanding." 、7. So I know On the way back, Su Qing saw Tan Gu leaning on the crutch to bask in the sun in the yard, so she couldn't help but go up and say hello. Qin Gu did not even open her eyes, lightly "um" sound obviously did not pay much attention to her meaning. Su Qing was so tired of it that she couldn't help asking, "Qin Gu, you've lived in the palace for so long. Do you know Wang Ye's taste?" "Are you going to prepare food for Wang Ye?" Qin Gu then raised her eyes and saw her nodding repeatedly, wrinkling her face slightly, and then closed her eyes again, with a lazy tone. "If you want to say what flavor our prince likes, it depends on his mood." Su Qing ".." I still have to go back and think about it slowly. As soon as Su Qing turned around and went into the kitchen, he came out of a pile of firewood in the evening and went to change his clothes. As the sun set, the maids came to the kitchen one after another to get the dishes from the nine courtyards of Houfu. She made a simple dress and sent the dinner to Gu yuan. After a few days of consideration, Su Qing has almost given up conquering Gu yuan from the appearance. Obviously, this man has no interest in women's appearance, and even whether he is interested in women remains to be considered. The only thing to be thankful for is that he rarely has some thoughts about his craft. Instead of insisting on proving his beauty, it's better to start teasing his stomach, which is also a shortcut to catch a man's heart. Therefore, today's dinner for Gu yuan was cooked separately, which can be said to have made great efforts. When Su Qing arrived at the door, he happened to bump into two people coming out of the house. When Lin Ying saw her, he snorted coldly, showing the same disdainful look as before. Next to Ji Luan's face was not very good-looking, but after inhaling the tip of her nose, she suddenly sniffed beside the food box she had brought, "Woman, what's in it? It smells good." Su Qing knew very well that this little kid was not easy to mess with, so he protected his food behind him and answered, "This is a dinner for Wang Ye." Ji Luan looked up at Su Qing. "I heard you came to Houfu to be a cook?"? Did you cook the food in your house at noon today? Su Qing nodded warily. Ji Luan's eyes lit up and he wanted to say something else. Lin Ying had already dragged him out with a calm face. His tone was obviously unhappy. "What else do you know besides eating? Go back and do your business!" Ji Luan wanted to resist, but he was stopped by a backhand and carried out like a kitten with teeth and claws. This body strength seems to be completely unloaded, in front of Lin Ying appears to have no defense. Far away, it was an unbearable roar, "Lin Ying, you let me go!"! Believe it or not, God will tear down your house! Lin Ying smiled coldly, "If you dare to tear down my house, I will tear down all the bones of you and Yan Fusheng to feed the dog." I don't know if I was really afraid, but Ji Luan really lost his voice. It has to be said that one thing reduces one thing. Su Qing watched with interest as they walked away, calmed down a little, knocked on the door, and said,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, "Wang Ye, dinner is coming." Listen to Gu yuan to say "come in", just push the door to enter a room. ichgearmotor.com

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