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The new game of Hundred Men. Full-time Job

2 months ago Security & Safety Gaur   83 views
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"No, I mean, let's set up a mahjong table." ? Feathers sink into stiffness I went on to say, "Qionghua won't recover from her injury for a few days. Only when she recovers from her injury can I try to take her away again. These days, I have to find something to pass the time. As for one side of the people, let the spirit go up and take care of it." ? Feathers begin to petrify I smiled and tapped her on the shoulder. "We have to get something out of the real world, or we'll get lost here, too." ? Feather mouth twitches : "Do you still want to turn into a home theater?" I looked at the wide palace and nodded. "That's a good idea." ? Feather made a faint gesture. :“oh! Buy the cake. "Haha, very good, you have remembered the new human language, congratulations." She gave me a white look: "I go to sleep, rather than waste their lives on Mahjong, it is better to sleep beauty." I laughed. She lives here. At least I have a companion. ? Feather is right. The next day, a guest came here, but this guest surprised me a little. It was Xiao Xianzi. Xiao Xianzi brought a beautiful basket of flowers and stood at the door of the palace looking curiously inside. Hello I quietly walked up behind him, he was startled, turned around, saw me, immediately bowed his head and presented a basket of flowers: "Please accept the basket of flowers." I stared at the basket for a while and asked him lazily, "What are you doing here?" "Be the guard of the emperor." He raised his face and smiled confidently. "Ling is willing to follow the emperor!" I was in a daze and looked at him absently for a long time. His expression turned to doubt: "Holy King?" "Go." My face was cold. "You go. I don't need an escort." He bowed his head in disappointment, but did not leave. Looking at his sad expression, I softened my heart again and twisted my eyebrows. "All right,digital touch screen board, but don't talk too much." All of a sudden, he smiled, beside me, nodded heavily: "En!" " I suddenly become relieved, since it is providence, deliberate avoidance is of no help, it is better to see what kind of script fate has arranged for me. Chapter 18 chicken woman's feather Since the addition of a plume, the temple of Jialan has become very lively,interactive touch screens education, because he is really a very lively guy, just like the back string I know, the chicken woman and annoying. As an escort, he was inseparable from me. I can hardly sneak to see Qionghua, can only let? Feather to watch. 。“ Shengjun, tonight is the Phoenix Festival. Let's go to play together. Ling circled around me, dressed in colorful clothes, apparently to attend the festival of the Phoenix Clan, with a braid wrapped in colorful cloth, from head to foot. I'm sitting cross-legged in the flowers in a daze, and this guy has been with me since morning? It's the Phoenix Festival 。 The Phoenix Festival is very lively. The Phoenix Festival is very interesting. There will be a lot of immortals in the Phoenix Festival. Everyone wears masks in the Phoenix Festival, and so on. Bala Bala. By the way, Seijun, you've never been to the Phoenix Festival before. He knelt down beside me on one knee. "Why don't you look happy?" I gave him a blank look in silence: "You are very annoying." Smitten, Ling sat down far away from me and began to pick flowers. The world is finally quiet, and I can think about it quietly. He just wants you to be happy. The quiet world was broken again by the silver mirror. I took out the mirror in my arms. Inside was my face: "You don't understand." "But you are not happy. Why?" Because.. Cough! Don't let the cat out of the bag. I picked up the mirror in my hand and fanned it like a fan. Master, 65 inch touch screen ,65 inch smart board, stop fanning. "Uh.." I'm sorry I looked at the mirror, and it was interesting that my movements had an effect on him, and the image in the mirror was staggering, as if the mirror had been stunned by me. I couldn't help laughing, as if I had finally found a funny thing. No, master, no. The silver mirror seemed to sense my intention and prayed to me. But he begged too late. Just as I was about to throw him, a wreath was thrust in front of me. On the beautiful wreath, there is a circle of colorful butterflies, just like the ornaments on the wreath. I raised my face, and Ling stood in front of me like a child who had done something wrong, holding a garland in his hand, but did not dare to look at me. Well, I relented again, although he was really annoyed, and once I talked to him, he would talk again. But who would have the heart to make such a lovely teenager unhappy? So I took the wreath, got up and touched his head. "Okay, I'll go." "Really?!" Sure enough, Ling suddenly recovered and hugged my arm. "Will the emperor really go?" "But I'll change my clothes, and I think if people know I'm going, they might feel uncomfortable." Ling blinked her eyes, scratched her head, and then suddenly realized: "Yes, everyone will be looking for the emperor to compete, and the good Phoenix Festival will become a group fight again." My God, what kind of people is this? So aggressive? "They all refused to obey the king, because the king did not defeat the mythical beast in front of them, so they refused to obey.". But the emperor rest assured, my peerless mother said, Phoenix head is small, knowledge is short, even if the position of the emperor in front of them, they do not know how to do, so the mother stood on your side, asked me to do escort to protect you.. I rolled my eyes and he started again. I say Ling, am I not a phoenix, too? When I interrupted Ling, he nodded, "Yes, the emperor is also a phoenix." "Then my head is very small, too." I watched him blink, and he opened his mouth for a long time before he said, "Your head is bigger than ours." Poof. It turned out that his big strip had not changed for thousands of years. Ha ha ha The silver mirror laughed, and Ling scratched her head and laughed. I stroked my forehead and looked up, but I saw it? Feathers come far from the flowers. I ran to her like a savior and took her hand. "How is she?" She looked at me steadily and did not speak. Suddenly, tears flowed from her eyes. I was frightened? "No, she's fine." She explained to me before I asked, "She's fine,interactive panels for education, it's just, it's just me.." I don't want to see her like this. She is her sister, and what we are doing is cruelly shattering the dream of the sound of the wind and snow. Is it not torture for her as a younger sister? I held her and she cried on my shoulder. hsdsmartboard.com

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The new game of Hundred Men.