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The cat became me. Full-time Job

2 months ago Training Dadeldhurā   92 views
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Looking closely, on the index finger, there are five pink little fingers that have not even grown out of their nails. A small head slowly emerged from the B-mode ultrasound display screen, and a small face covered with blood grinned at her. It's the baby. He's coming. When Billey and Liu Lanxiu left by bicycle, I wanted to keep up with them. Shake, shake, shake. I feel terrible. Let's go find those two people. I clenched my shoulder and shook it desperately, hoping to shake it into a panther shape at once so that I could ride after them. Dangdang was stunned by me and shouted angrily. Oh, in broad daylight, there are people everywhere, and it's not good to see a leopard running all over the street. So what to do? What to do? What's the phone number of the mountain God's mother-in-law? He rolled his eyes. We had no choice but to squat at the intersection above the town. When it was getting dark, the couple came back. The woman sat on the back seat of the bicycle, pale as if she had been seriously ill. The bicycle ran very fast, and in order to catch up with them, it swung into the human body, threw me on the shoulder,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and spread its feet behind them. Her running speed is really not covered. I watched them enter the house. I looked at the house and it looked very familiar. I finally remembered that that was the place where I saw Yaya in my dream. Dangdang and I were eavesdropping under someone's window. Soon there was a sound of men purring and crying in the room. The doctor lied to me! Cheat! "Billey cried and smashed the table and his head." What did you say? Is the child. Not a deformity. Liu Lanxiu asked with a pale face. The child shed, not only is not deformed, but also. It's still a boy! Bi Laili hit his head against the wall and wished he could kill himself. Liu Lanxiu's heart broke into pieces and his eyes were dark. Tomorrow, I'm going to kill that Qin! Billy howled like a mad dog. I don't know what they're talking about, but Yaya, she's already on the move. Dangdang suddenly looked warily somewhere in the darkness. I also looked into the darkness,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, and a small shadow wriggled and crawled in a strange posture. Is that a mouse? Rabbit? It crawled closer, and by the light of the room, it finally saw clearly. That's a.. Tiny, tiny, pink child, covered in blood. Could that be Yaya? Yaya is always translucent, but it is clearly an entity. When the child crawled past us, he turned to look at me and smiled. Those dark eyes, yes, are Yaya. I tried to stop it, but I was clinging to it. Don't mess with it! Dangdang whispered, "It's not Yaya anymore, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic welding transducer, it's dangerous!" I watched it go through the door. Anxious, I said to him, "What is Yaya going to do?"? We have to stop her from doing something terrible! "I forbid you to meddle," he said. "My duty is to keep you safe, not to meddle with Yaya." There will be no danger! I'm friends with Yaya. She won't hurt me! She's not dangerous? Ha, just now I saw a devoured soul locked in the body of that fetus! Yaya, she killed someone today. “。!!!” I froze. Let's go home. Shake and say. When I was caught off guard, I broke away from her arms and jumped to the ground. I ran to the door of the house and turned to her and said, "If you want to keep me safe, come with me." He lowered his head and got into the house through the crack of the door. He reached out and missed me, so he stamped his feet angrily. Helpless, can only go up and knock on the door. Bilaili opened the door and looked at the strange girl outside the door with some surprise. "My cat is in your house. I'm looking for my cat," he said calmly. Billey said impatiently, "There is no cat, I didn't see it!" "There's a black cat here." Liu Lanxiu in the back room spoke. As soon as Billy turned his head, he got under his arm. Take the cat and go. Bi Laili said irritably. I jumped on the lid of their pot. Hey! Dead cat! Go down! I stood motionless on it and looked at Billey. Bi Laili was so angry that he picked up a stick and was about to hit it, but the other end of the stick was pulled. As soon as I looked back, I saw the girl's little hand holding the other end of the stick. Bi Lai used his strength to pull back a few times, but did not move. The girl's strength is amazing. Bi Laili was surprised and uncertain. He said patiently, "Take your cat and walk away. It's very dirty on the lid of the pot. Where are the cooking utensils?" "Just for cooking?" Shake back lightly. What did the boy say? Billey stared at her in puzzlement. "Maybe it can be used to pretend to be a child," he said slowly. Bi Laili's eyes were wide open, and he took a few steps back, staring at the girl in front of him in fear. What does she know? There was a slight noise under the lid of the pot at my feet, and I jumped down and jumped into my arms. The lid of the pot was slowly pushed open and dripped to the ground. A strange pink child sat up in the pot, opened his hands to Billey, and buzzed faintly in a thin voice: "Dad!" Billey sat down on the ground and wanted to shout in fear, but his voice could only make a sob. Liu Lanxiu heard a strange noise outside, dragging the pain of the body, want to get out of bed to see what happened. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Sleep for a while." Liu Lanxiu fell into bed with a thump and fell into a deep sleep. The child climbed out of the cooking stove, climbed up to his chest along Billey's leg, and cried in a shrill voice to his frightened and deformed face: "Dad, you left me in the pot of the old house, I'm so hungry, so hungry!" The tone of the mournful voice suddenly changed and became gloomy and low. "I'll eat you, Dad." Billy watched helplessly as the two little hands gouged at his eyes. Yaya I gave a loud cry. Although I am now a cat, Yaya obviously understood my words,ultrasonic handheld welder, stopped and turned to look at me. "No more killing, Yaya," he said in a deep voice. Making a killing will lead you to a deeper hell. 。 fycgsonic.com

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The cat became me.