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Stealing love Full-time Job

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Wind and cloud William immediately looked at the glass heart with contempt, eyebrows and eyes on a pair of me on the arrogance, how are you? Let the glass heart gas does not hit a place to come, but the tooth itch does not know how to start. When Qu Wei saw this scene that was often staged, he could not help shaking his head with a smile and changing the subject: "By the way, Fengyun, how have you been doing during this period?"? Is it a critical time to see no one all day long? Fengyun William gave Lixin a white look and looked at the smiling Quwei. Ignoring Lixin's expression of concern, he said lightly, "Just rely on a few heads of state to fight with us. Hum, I don't want to see who the opponent is." After a pause, he went on to say, "It can also be said that it's a critical time. It's too easy to find a few pieces of evidence to make them step down. However, since we can push them up, it's not difficult to pull them down again. Besides, this time they offended the whole underworld and were not directly done by others. It's a face for them." As for what is the current situation, too careful dare not need to say to the glass heart, anyway, the fate of those people is so serious, relying on the import and export of arms countries, and a president competing for posts, this essential difference is too big to go to the sky, hoping that military freedom and strength can make them desperate, and turn to all arms dealers and gangsters. Then it's not as simple as losing a president. So in contrast, take which end to abandon which end this point need not think at all, although not a person's decision, will appear to dare to start the scene,Marble Granite Price, but at this time abandon the car BaoShuai is the right thing, abandoned by the country, is also a poor man, even if once a high position, will not be many days to resign automatically will certainly come down, so waiting for these few resignations of the boss, The end is already there. This is said to Quwei, but in fact it is said to Lixin, hold back for so many days,Granite Slab Supplier, should also be said to her, these days are busy dealing with this aspect of the matter, and Qi Mo said not to say these with Lixin, let its good self-cultivation, that is certainly no one to say to her, he will not say to her again, it is estimated to suffocate to death. Otherwise, Fengyun William did not have the leisure to talk to a useless Quwei, although he was Qi Mo's uncle. Since the injury came back, Qi Mo forbade her to participate in anything, mainly that the shot was from the back, through the abdomen caused by the injury, a bad handling, may be dangerous to the next generation, so Lihu firmly advocated not to be tired, can be less active on less activity, can be less worried about less worry, this injury is not the kind of as long as the physique is good, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, no matter how the injury is no problem. This Li Xin wants to know what the situation is now, and there is no ventilation for her wall, only from the wind and cloud William here to listen to a little bit. Li Xin listens to wind and cloud William to say so, can't help interrupting: "That and blue Si there now how?" This is also her concern. Fengyun William immediately glared at Lixin and said, "What are you asking? Knowing that you asked the two families to join hands that day, it was heard by all the people in the underworld. Who would break his promise? You think you're going back on your word like eating." At present, the underworld is United unprecedentedly, which has not been seen for hundreds of years, and they are United against the enemy together. Li Xin also ignored the wind and cloud William's tone, this boy did not rush in front of her, but the meaning of this is that Lan Bang and the Qi family are now working together to deal with the people who made all of them suffer a great loss last time, if so, the previous enmity between the two families has stopped. Knowing the exact news from Fengyun William's mouth, Lixin breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want the two families to confront each other. The last little action had been so chaotic. Now it's rare to have a chance for all the underworld people to share a bitter hatred of the enemy. It's good to stop for a while. That's good. Li Xin nodded his head. The wind and cloud William sees the glass heart a pair of wide heart of appearance, can't help cold hum a way: "You this person is really not suitable to be here, Qi Mo eye took a fancy to you only when the window." Say again and again cold hum. However, for the first time, Qijia and Lanbang joined hands openly and secretly, which made the whole turbulent market recover quickly. The two leaders joined hands, and the people at the bottom were not strong enough. So after Qijia and Lanbang did not target each other again, the speed of recovery of the whole market was like taking a rocket. The situation of endless death soon became the kind of thing that went its own way before. As the saying goes, there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends. Li Xin immediately reached out his hand and grabbed Fengyun William's ear. After twisting it hard, he said angrily, "The tiger is not powerful. Do you treat me as a cat?" Wind and cloud William suddenly eyebrows and eyes a cold, stretched out a fist to hit the glass heart, next to Qu Wei see this can not help but wry smile, really have never seen these two people stop. Cough, cough, two light coughs suddenly came, the wind and cloud William waved half of the hand immediately back, glass heart also straightened the body, back hand to sit upright. Mother, this is the master's order to Lord William. A man of the Qi family stood respectfully behind the two men and lowered his head. Li Xinen nodded, momentum, this is the wind and cloud William said to her, if there is no ability, then to scheming, no scheming, at least a little bit of the momentum of the mother, she may not be brilliant in front of her, only rely on the momentum behind to make up for it. Wind and cloud William turned around with a cold face, stretched out his hand to take it and looked at it carelessly. The man followed and said, "I'm waiting for Lord William's reply." Wind and cloud William slightly raised his eyebrows, stretched out his hand and turned over his head without raising his head: "I'm not going." Hearing this, the man was a little surprised, but he still made a respectful salute to the heart of the glass, and then made a slight salute to the wind and cloud William, and quickly stepped back. When Li Xin saw that the man was far away, he could not help reaching out and taking the paper from the hands of William. After glancing at it, he said in surprise, "It's good to go to Europe to take charge of the Eagle Department. Why don't you go?"? This is a good opportunity. Wind and cloud William immediately mercilessly glared at the glass heart, a twist of the glass heart's face angrily: "I go, I go, you can only be bullied." As soon as he spoke out angrily, he suddenly felt that he was not right. William of Fengyun immediately turned his head and ignored Li Xin angrily. After the glass heart is slightly stupefied, immediately on the face smiled to open the flower,Artificial Marble Slabs, stretched out a hand to hold the wind and cloud William, smiled way: "My good younger brother, my good younger brother." 。 forustone.com

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Stealing love