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Regeneration in the Mecha Empire Full-time Job

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APPLE, now I give you two ways, cooperate with me, or cooperate with Zuo Wei, become my enemy or friend. Jack said coldly, the smile on his face disappearing and his eyes with a murderous look. I, I work with you. APPLE answered in a low voice, answering like a child who had done something wrong. She had experienced Jack's horror herself. She swore that she would never want to fight Jack, a warship commander, in the universe in her life, because she knew that Jack's warship command level could not be surpassed by her. To become his enemy would be declared dead. That night, many small organizations contacted APPLE to attack the Human Alliance in their SSS-level fortress, but Jack refused with high demands. In Jack's view, the new humans have been declared dead since Zuo Wei killed the sisters of the third mecha team, and the Dragon Fortress is the only exemption. He doesn't want more new humans to join. A planet without threats is the only thing Jack can provide. This chip can't be added, so he can't add allies. A month later, the outer space station, more than a hundred SSS-class warships, and countless S-class, SS-class, and A-class warships appeared in the universe, and the big alien creatures floating in the universe had been cleared a way by the collective attack of the warships of the New Human Alliance. The commander of more than 200 SSS-class warships is now being projected through virtual communicators, virtual images, onto a huge site like an ancient Roman presbytery, and everyone is sitting in a seat. We have 213 SSS-class warship commanders on 108 planets, and we need a commander in chief, and we can't immediately choose a commander that everyone is convinced of, so we need to vote for this attack on the human alliance, and each of you has a blue and red button in front of your eyes, red for refusal,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, blue for consent. Zuo Wei appears in the center of the whole picture. Set sail next, half a month later, we will arrive at the territory of the human alliance, for the blue sky, white clouds, and the survival of future generations, let us fight together, "Zuo Wei went on to say.". Behind APPLe, Jack looked at the whole picture of Zuo Wei and smiled. Unexpectedly, Zuo Wei did not directly say that he wanted to command these commanders, which surprised Jack. There was a voting system, similar to the democratic decision-making system of the Presbyterian Church. Jack, do you think Zoway doesn't want to command these ships? I'm sure there isn't a ship command level that doesn't want to have more ships under its command, and Zoway wants to command these ships of the biological galaxy, which are hundreds of SSS-class ships. But do you think the commander of these SSS-class ships can give command to Zuo Wei, gear reduction motor ,24v Gear Motor, a teenager he just met? That's why he said today. He, Zuo Wei, is waiting, waiting for the new human fleet to get into trouble so that they can follow Zuo Wei's lead. The phoenix dance in Jack's head commented. Although he is very wise, but only one death, I will guide him, Zuowei to the end. The new human fleet, sister Fengwu, do you think you can fight against the dumb robot fleet? If it is a period of total victory, the new human fleet may still have a hope of victory, but the temporary fleet of the new human, which is not as good as before, will only die in the exchange of fire with the small dumb robot fleet that now dominates the universe. Half a month later, I will guide them to attack the planet occupied by the little mute. Jack said to Feng Wu with an evil smile. As time flies, the mighty battleships appear in the outer space of the Phantom Empire under the unique ultra-long distance space jump of SSS-class warships. The location of the space jump was changed by Kate and Jack hacking into the main computer and changing course, but the warship commanders did not suspect at all when they saw the human alliance planet ahead. The location of the ultra-long-distance space jump is already the interstellar coordinates left 3000 years ago, slightly offset, which is completely understandable to them. More than 200 SSS-class warships, an average of ten in a group, each with their own men to capture one, thousands of warships, appeared in the rear base of the robot fleet. Attack, attack again, in order to survive, the new human attack crazily. After 12 hours of firefight, the new human side successfully occupied 20 planets of the robot side. Looking at the wreckage of the battleships that marked the robot side, Jack knew that the new human fleet had stepped into the coffin. The new humans, who had occupied twenty planets, cheered, celebrated, and formed their own defenses on the planets. Chapter 259 the Second Cosmic War. At the same time, a thousand hearts of the Angel Fortress and the Dark-Phyllis of the Dark Family received a letter of alliance from the Crimson Legion. At the same time, the two commanders were surprised to see that it was said that hundreds of liaison officers had been lost before they succeeded in delivering the alliance letter to them. Seeing the alliance letter of Crimson Fortress, the hearts of Angel Fortress are still hesitating, not daring to decide too early whether to attack the powerful robot empire, which is related to their life and death, if not, Angel Fortress is likely to be destroyed by the robot fleet in the universe. After all, after five hundred years of fighting with the robot legion, a scarlet legion suddenly appeared, and it was a legion that developed secretly in the unknown robot sphere of influence, and joined forces with the scarlet to attack the robot empire, which had never happened before. But the Dark-Phyllis of the Dark Family saw the message from Crimson, the Crimson Legion that had fought under the Dark Legion, Phyllis knew more or less, and the message used many of the unique contact language and codes of the Crimson Fleet, which could not be counterfeited. Unexpectedly, Linda's little sister was still alive, and she really wanted to meet the stubborn little girl. Phyllis thought in her heart and began to try her best to persuade the Angel Fortress to participate in the alliance agreement of the Scarlet Legion. One day later,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the human forces will gather all their strength to wage war on the robot empire. By agreement, at the strong request of the Dark Family and the Scarlet Legion, the Second Space War between the Human and Robot Empires is about to break out. ichgearmotor.com

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