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Prehistoric guide Full-time Job

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As soon as Taiyi saw the cooked duck flying away, he was very angry and got up to go after it. Nezha had been secretly observing the movement of Taiyi's tent. As soon as he saw a blue light flying away, he had an idea in his mind. Teacher, the disciple was about to ask a question when he came to the tent and suddenly saw a blue light flying out. I don't know what it was? Do you need a disciple to recover it? Taiyi frowned. Naturally, he didn't want Nezha to get angry. If he was taken by Nezha, he might recover his innate body. That would be bad. No, hello.xzsj8. Go to practice. Go after him personally for the teacher. Taiyi didn't say much, so he turned into a stream of light and went to catch up with him. But he didn't know that because he said a few words to Nezha and delayed time, he couldn't find the direction to escape. Taiyi Zhenren was very regretful. After all, Congenital Yiqi was also very important for Taiyi Zhenren. If he used it well, he could even help him become a quasi-saint. How could he let it go easily. Taiyi chose a direction and chased him down. Nezha looked at the direction of the teacher's departure. A mocking smile appeared on his little face. He turned and went to Duer's tent. Www.438zw.net words are big and beautiful to protect your eyes. [Chapter 139 of the main text] Www.438zw.net words are big and good-looking. Protect your eyes. Nezha came to the tent of Du'er real person and saw Du'er sitting majestically. Nezha pays his respects to Shizu! "Oh, get up. What are you doing here?" "Shizu, you ran away from Taiyi in one breath. Did Shizu do it?" [Search for the latest updates at "Nonsense. I'm similar to Taiyi. How can I do it? It's just that Taiyi's luck is not good. Ma yuan's original spirit is not dispersed. It's attached to the innate Qi. Taiyi doesn't know the details, so he let the innate Qi go in vain. It's really unwise." Nezha had a brilliant mind. "Shizu, can you know so much about it? Is it already in your hands?" "Oh, little dodger, yes,Jumping castle with slide, I have it." As he spoke, Du Er stretched out his right hand and saw that there was a clear breath attached to the palm of Du Er. It was the innate breath. Du Er was instructed by the sage and naturally knew that it was difficult for Tai Yi to preserve the innate breath, so he set up an ambush in advance and got it in his hand. Nezha, you are now calming down and keeping the Dantian. This will inject the innate Qi into your body and help you achieve the innate body. Nezha hurriedly sat cross-legged according to Du'e's command. With a wave of his big hand, Du'e moved and pressed it on Nezha's mud pill palace. The innate Qi entered Nezha's body along the mud pill palace. With the wandering of the innate Qi, countless acquired turbid and dirty things were constantly discharged from Nezhan's body. Gradually,inflatable floating water park, the innate essence came to Nezha's Dantian. Originally, Nezha swallowed a congenital lotus. Because Taiyi's body was too poor and too dirty, it was difficult for the congenital lotus to change Nezha's body back to the innate, but the essence remained in the Dantian. As soon as the innate Qi enters the mud pill palace, it seems that the land that has been thirsty for a long time is nourished by rain and dew. The essence of the lotus is quickly released, and a little bud sprouts. The lotus expands rapidly and occupies the whole Dantian. In a short time, the bud of the lotus blooms, and the flowers blossom seven grades, which is very solemn and bright. The lotus flower opened completely and broke Nezha's Dantian. Nezha could not bear the pain of tearing his heart and lungs. He cried out in pain, which was really unbearable to hear. Fortunately, he prepared in advance and sealed the whole tent. For a full quarter of an hour, Nezha's whole body was wrapped up by the dirty things in his body, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable castle with slide, as if it had become a cocoon. With a clear roar, the dark and dirty cocoon was broken, and Nezha showed his true body again. At this time, Nezha's figure did not change much, but his face was more transparent, his eyes were shining several meters, and his spirit had changed dramatically, as if he had been reborn. Nezha quickly knelt down in front of Du'er. "Thank you, Shizu, for your great kindness. Nezha will never forget it. If one day Nezha can achieve the great road, it all depends on Shizu's help.". ” "Oh, Nezha, you can achieve the innate body again, thanks to the guidance of the two sages in the West. Otherwise, even if you want to help, there is no way." "Indeed, without the great kindness of the two sages, Nezha would never have come to the fore. Nezha is sincerely willing to go through fire and water for the two sages. Today, he swears to the way of heaven. Although Nezha is explaining religion, one day he will convert to Buddhism and spread the orthodoxy for my Buddha." "Well, Nezha's apostasy is not an easy thing. Be careful. The two sages asked me to tell you that there is no need to do anything for the time being. Just wait quietly." With these words, Du Er took out a bamboo leaf from his bosom. This is a pure bamboo leaf, given by the sage, now given to you, to help you cover up your own changes, even in front of the original sage, it will not be easily exposed. Pure bamboo leaves fluttered into Nezha's body and entered the Dantian. Originally, Nezha was limited by the acquired lotus flower. The Dantian was very small and its potential was limited. Now, when he changed his body, the Dantian in his body was countless times larger than before. The bamboo leaves were like a feather falling on the sea. Bamboo leaves sent out a faint breath, and in an instant Nezha became the same as before, without any vision. Nezha broke the shackles of his body, broke through the barrier, and reached the level of Jinxian. Nezha was overjoyed and retreated. He first told Li Jing the good news. Father and son were overjoyed. Thinking of what Taiyi Zhenren had done to explain Jinxian, they all gnashed their teeth and decided to convert to Buddhism together. Taiyi Zhenren was very regretful for losing his innate spirit. His face was gloomy and frightening, and he was unhappy. No one wanted to find himself uncomfortable. Even the other Jinxian did not pay attention to him. Some people were even secretly happy behind his back. yuan Shi Tianzun did not treat his disciples equally. It can be said that there was a big gap in treatment. There are good-for-nothing people like Huanglong Zhenren, and there are teachers like Guang Chengzi. Taiyi belongs to those who are favored, so he is unlucky, but many people are happy in their hearts. At dawn the next day,large inflatable water slide, the two sides fought together again. Zhao Gongming came to the front with the five immortals of Zhongshan, Luo Xiao, Ling Tian and Bao Miao. Luo Xiao was the first to fight. joyshineinflatables.com

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