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Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation) Full-time Job

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Where or why does this sense of foreboding come from? Cui Wenxiu is thinking hard, in fact, it should be said that it is very simple, the only thing that can cause harm to themselves is the coalition forces of Szeto Tai and the Duodun people, perhaps there are other forces that collude with them, the intelligence department seems to put more energy in the south during this period of time, and there are few worthwhile intelligence in the whole north. Szeto Tai may have its fatal weakness, but he is not a fool, the development of the situation he will not let it go, when endangering their own survival, even if it is necessary to pay a certain price, I am afraid he will definitely bear it. Think of here Cui Wenxiu some more upset feeling, the whole northern front of the king of Qin has given himself, from the cloud has been extended to the emperor, stretching more than one thousand miles, two more than troops, as many as more than ten elite imperial division, this a long and narrow area on the Szeto Tai side at least arranged more than four hundred thousand troops, And the four hundred thousand troops are by no means like the Taiping army kind of rabble, but the real elite,inflatable bounce house with slide, the elite of the battle-hardened, huge pressure is suffocating, but this is not the most let Cui Wenxiu feel headache, the most let Cui Wenxiu feel difficult is now on the defensive, the enemy is on the offensive, as we all know, in a convenient offensive The enemy can choose any point of attack, especially on the front of more than a thousand miles,Inflatable bouncer, the transmission of communications makes it always two days behind as a defender to respond to emergencies, and many things in these two days can only rely on the temporary decision-making ability of the battlefield commander of the army and the strength of the army itself to deal with all this. But sometimes the disparity of strength can not be changed by these factors, especially when the enemy has a full opportunity to concentrate superior forces to select attack points. Although the eyes looking at the distant sky, at this time of Cui Wenxiu's mind has emerged from the cloud to the map of Zhongzhou, Yunzhong, Yulin, Qinghe, Longquan, Jinzhong, a line of Kamapov in the cloud, Longquan Jinzhong did not directly face the army of Cangzhou Szeto Tai. But recently YouSuFu calm also let Cui WenXiu feel a little worried, this guy has been perfunctory to his royal Highness of Qin, don't know what is the reason let should be regarded as a wise guy chose such an unwise decision, this also let Cui WenXiu had to in Longquan and Jinzhong line appropriate to retain the necessary forces. And the most worried about Cui Wenxiu or Qinghe, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable meltdown, this is the gateway to the northern part of the north and even the whole western Xinjiang, if only purely defensive, Cui Wenxiu is not afraid, it is too easy to keep a Qinghe city, let him Szeto Tai have the ability. If you want to take Qinghe city from his own hands, then he has to practice for a few years, but sometimes the military must obey the politics, the king of Qin is not allowed to take a defensive position in these lands, that is to say, the western Xinjiang army can't let the enemy, especially from the foreign enemy in the land of Tang river swagger and the western Xinjiang army do nothing, this is like Cui Wenxiu tied a hand to him and the other side to fight. Everything may be in Cui Wenxiu's mind silently filtered again, thin near dust has been on the way to Qinghe, perhaps his Highness the king of Qin is aware of Szeto Tai too quiet behind the possible hidden murder. Ling Tianfang also reminded himself that this may be the calm before the enemy will take large-scale military action, four hundred thousand troops silent for too long often indicates that a huge storm is coming, Cui Wenxiu can smell this thick war, but where will the enemy choose to break through? In the clouds? Cui Wenxiu never thought there was any point in controlling Yunzhong. In his opinion, Yunzhong could be returned to Szeto Tai. In this way, he could spare considerable strength as a mobile. The Third Army and the Fifth Army could easily form two fists to open the bow left and right for the provocative enemy, but now Yunzhong has held the Fifth Army. And Longquan Jinzhong and tied down part of his third legion, Cui Wenxiu can't help but complain about the king of Qin why let should Jianming that three divisions to leave, although the other combat effectiveness is doubtful, but at least can assume the responsibility of defending the two cities in Longquan Jinzhong. The Rose Palace in the center of the capital of the Kingdom of Poole has always been the most magnificent palace in Libya. The palace, which has a history of more than 100 years, covers hundreds of acres. Deluoba Square, which is full of western continental style, is full of flowing springs and green grass. The spacious flagstone Avenue extends to all directions along the parade platform in the center of Deluoba Square. The garden combination composed of green trees, shrubs and sculptures makes people linger and forget to return. In the center of the square, the column of merit stands in front of the parade platform. Although it has gone through a hundred years of wind and rain erosion, it still stands proudly, and seems to record the great achievements of the 17th King of the Kingdom of Poole, Jeremes III. Jeremes III, known as the greatest king since the founding of the Kingdom of Poole, made three expeditions to the wounded Boin people in the Marston Wilderness in the north, opened up territory, defeated the once prosperous Boin Roebuck tribe, and had to hide in the depths of the Atlas Mountains to preserve the whole tribe from extermination. But since then, the Roebuck tribe, which once led the entire Boin clan for two hundred years, has been declining, and can no longer compete with the Dor tribe rising in the west for the dominance of the Boin clan, and can only struggle to survive in the desolate and cold land of the extreme north. I'm afraid it's normal for the Roebuck tribe to be exterminated or annexed by other tribes. Even so, the Roebuck tribe can no longer pose a great threat to the Poole Kingdom. In the eyes of the Poole people, they have become a disease of ringworm. The Kingdom of Poole also became the most powerful kingdom in the whole Libya at that time. At that time, the two empires of Carman and Cicero could only look up to it. The Tang River Empire had to station a large number of troops in the border area of Yulin and Yunzhong to prevent the southward movement of the Poole people. But in the following more than one hundred years, although all the kings of the Kingdom of Poole were proud of Jeremes III,inflatable floating water park, no one could reach his height any more. Most of them were people who were greedy for pleasure or eager for quick success and instant benefit. As a result, the Kingdom of Poole was gradually caught up and surpassed by the two empires of Carman and Cicero, and the Tang River Empire gradually turned its attention to the Carman people. joyshineinflatables.com

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