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Huanzhu Landlord _ Wild Chivalrous Hermit Full-time Job

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"I didn't quite believe it at first, but after a while, several brothers and uncles who lived in the old yakou ironmaking house also left their jobs and ran for their lives.". The mountain in front of the old crow's mouth was originally the nearest to the tiger's den, and you could see the scenery of the tiger's den when you ran to the mountain. Since the end of last year, Mr. Chou said that the water there was strong and the sand was good, and there was a natural fire well, which was convenient for sharpening knives and arrows to make iron. Although it was close to the tiger's den, because it was separated by two deep ditches, the tiger could not get through, so he set up the iron house for convenience, and sure enough, he had never seen a tiger there. Sometimes when the blacksmith was tired, he often ran to the top of the hill in front of him to watch the tigers fighting in groups. At first, they all went early and returned late. In the first month of this year, the Grand Secretary ordered them to make two hundred broadswords and three thousand arrowheads in two months, leaving a group of people to do night work. Because they were too busy, they had not gone to the top of the mountain to play for many days. After lunch today, it was time to change shifts for five days. All the people who went there heard that the goddess had not seen the letter. Although the sun was already in the west,Small Dc Gear Motor, they could still see in the distance. They took over the shift. Some of them did not work first, and planned to go to the top of the mountain to see where the goddess could be. As soon as he went up, he saw no tiger, only a black monster hitting his head against the cliff. The mountain was more than two miles away from the tiger's den, and it was more than ten miles to go, but I heard a loud noise. Suddenly, two tigers burst out from a stone hole behind the monster. Somehow,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the monster found them, but he didn't see how they chased them. As soon as he turned around, the long tail swept over a tiger. From a distance, the tiger moved a little and fell to the ground. Another thought that he was frightened and dizzy. Instead of running toward the road he used to walk, he ran toward the cliff. One of his feet was empty and fell down. The monster opened his mouth and bit him. After a while, he ate the two tigers, stood up, raised his tail, shook it like a tiger, stretched it, and went to lie down in a cliff. The monster has six legs, and the image they say is similar to that of my brother. When we stood on a high place and looked into the distance, we thought it was a strange beast that we hadn't seen before, Gear Reduction Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, but we didn't think that the monster had grown up. When the two tigers came out to compare, we realized that the monster was surprisingly big. The body of the tiger like a scalper was not much thicker than the tail of the monster, and it was not as long as it. The more he looked at it, the more frightened he became. Just as he was about to come back to report, the monster woke up after a while and ran out to bump into the cliffs on all sides. Sometimes he landed on his two hind legs and raised his four front legs to climb up the cliff. He grabbed the ivy at the top of the cliff and the small trees growing on it, but never saw how high his hind legs were from the ground. It was useless to climb for a while, and it was so anxious that it bumped into the walls again, only to see that although the monster was fierce and could eat tigers, it could not jump high and far. The tiger's den is surrounded by steep cliffs, high and deep. Usually, the way the tiger goes down is only a narrow path in the middle of the cliff, and the rest of the way is to jump down from dozens of steep cliffs. As soon as the monster's feet were put up, the cliff was broken. It seemed that the monster was trapped in a deep pit and could not come up. Everyone was relieved. Who would have thought that the monster suddenly showed his power, ran to the middle of the field and stood still, suddenly turned around, lowered the rising head, opened his six legs, turned his hooves and palms, and hit the cliff with his forehead straight to the north. There was a loud bang, and even the valley had a great echo. From a distance, the dust flew up, the rubble, grass and trees on the wall fell one after another, and many stone trees fell on the monster from a high place. How high it rose, the monster seemed to be unaware of it. It did not breathe even if it hit it. It turned over and ran to the center of the field, turned its head and hit it again. What it hit was really a place. One side of the tiger's den was a mountain, and only the north side was a solitary peak. This time, the monster decided to hit it in a place. It hit it dozens of times. The people on the top of the mountain felt that the ground was shaking slightly. They always thought that the monster was too stupid to knock down the peak and climb out! Who would have thought that when it hit it, it was as desperate as crazy. It hit the north cliff with a bang and cracked it into a big crack. On the top of the peak, a big stone similar to the monster's body fell down. It was a pity that it had fallen a little farther, and was falling on the back of the monster, which had rolled and rolled, and at the same time the peak had some shaky air. Only then did the people on the top of the mountain realize that if the monster ran out, everyone would die. Previously, I was so stunned that I couldn't stand the mention of it. I was so frightened that I lost my stuff and ran back one after another. I came to send a letter to me and asked for some food and drink by the way. Only then did I believe it. On the one hand, I ordered my wife to prepare food and wine to entertain them. Just as I was about to call someone from my place to report to the Secretary, I had just cooked the rice when suddenly there was a big shock like the collapse of the sky. The stone tile-roofed houses we lived in were shaking and the roof tiles were broken. As soon as I went out, I heard a loud sound from the other side of the tiger's den, and I knew that the monster must have knocked down the mountain and run out. Everyone did not care to eat, and ran away here together. After walking out for more than half a mile, they could not hear the sound. I hope the monster will not come here. Now we have more than a dozen legs in front of us, and there are a large group of men,Vending Machine Motor, women, adults and children behind us who have not yet arrived. Please think of a way quickly! At this point, about a hundred women and children led by the mountain people behind also arrived. ichgearmotor.com

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The new game of Hundred Men.