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Emperor tyrant Full-time Job

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"Thump, thump, thump" in the air, the ghost insect demon son and the giant Que Shengzi were shocked back several steps, the two of them suddenly changed face. Nine stars and ten palaces! Even an ancient saint can challenge the Great Sage! Seeing this scene, countless monks of the ghost clan, including many big shots, were jealous and hated. Everyone knows that Li Qiye has nine stars and ten palaces. On that day, Li Qiye slaughtered ten thousand enemies, which made everyone hate and fear. Now, Li Qiye blocked the giant Que Shengzi and the ghost insect demon son with his own strength, and even gained the upper hand. Everyone knows that this is the horror of nine stars and ten palaces. Nine stars and ten palaces! Hearing others mention this sentence, Juque Shengzi and Ghosts, Insects and Demons could not help gnashing their teeth with hatred. In fact, they were all jealous of Li Qiye's achievements. They were even willing to exchange the way of the Great Sage for the achievements of the Nine Stars and Ten Palaces. Such achievements really made people jealous! Juque Shengzi and Ghosts, Insects and Demons are great geniuses, but where is it so easy to achieve nine stars and ten palaces? Even such a peerless genius as the throne of the emperor can not achieve nine stars and ten palaces! Seeing such a scene, Lan Yunzhu did not say anything,smart board interactive whiteboard, which was already in her expectation, and she also knew that the nine stars and ten palaces were in the past for Li Qiye, and that he was about to achieve the nine stars and twelve palaces. Nine stars and twelve palaces, Lan Yunzhu knows, once come to this point, genius, what is that? It's not enough at all. At that point,touch screen board classroom, even the throne is nothing, let alone the son of Juque and the son of ghosts and insects. Nine stars and ten palaces! Even the giant Que Lord could not help but hate to scold a sentence, if such an amazing achievement is his disciple can have, then why not be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the throne. At this time, Juque Shengzi and Ghosts, Insects and Demons hate each other. They hate the Nine Stars and Ten Palaces. They hate others to mention the Nine Stars and Ten Palaces! They are mad with envy at such an achievement! Juque Shengzi and Ghosts and Insects took a deep breath. They stepped forward and blocked Li Qiye again. Li Qiye, it's not too late to surrender! Said Juque Shengzi coldly. Li Qiye took one look at them and said lazily, "Don't be wordy. Take out the killer lanthanum on your body. If you don't take it out, you won't have a chance in the future!" "Hey, brother Juque, since he wants to die, let's help him as soon as possible!" Ghosts, insects and devils smiled sullenly, interactive flat panel display ,interactive boards for classrooms, and as soon as the words fell, a bell rang, and he had already offered a treasure. As soon as the treasure of the demon came out, it floated on top of his head. This is a giant bell, this giant bell ghost gas towering, in the ghost gas emerged countless heads, these heads look miserable, seems to be screaming in despair, as if this giant bell is made by countless living sacrifices. Magic Bell! At the sight of this huge bell, the faces of many people of the ghost clan changed greatly. One of the emperors took a breath of cold air and said, "This is the most powerful treasure of the immortal emperor of the insect emperor. It is only inferior to his true weapon of life!" "This was once the imperial weapon with the heaviest hostility. It once swallowed up a big family. It was hundreds of thousands of creatures!" Other strong people knew the origin of the magic bell, and their hair stood on end. Magic Bell, this is the most powerful treasure of the Insect Emperor. It is said that it is also one of the favorite weapons of the Insect Emperor. Legend has it that this bell is made from the skull of a ten-thousand demon insect, which is the most ferocious and blood-eating poisonous insect among the heavenly beasts. The Emperor of Insects once killed a so-called invincible ten-thousand demon insect and made it into a demon bell with its head. Legend has it that the Insect Emperor once killed countless strong enemies with this bell, and sacrificed the souls of the strong enemies in the magic bell. This bell is extremely resentful and terrible. Before that, many people knew that the ghost insect demon must have the emperor's weapon, but they didn't expect to bring the most powerful emperor's weapon of the insect emperor! "Hum", time and space fluctuations, at this moment, Juque Shengzi also no longer retain, sacrifice their own killer lanthanum, a treasure emerged. The treasure of Juque Shengzi is a giant bell. The whole body of the giant bell is black, as if it was cast with black gold. You can see that the giant bell is very heavy. There are not too many decorative patterns on the giant bell. There is only one pattern on it. It is a mountain, a magnificent mountain. The mountain is surrounded by clouds and fog. Although this mountain is carved on the giant bell with a few strokes, it makes people feel that it is huge, as if such a mountain can suppress the nine realms. This, this is Tuoshan Bell, Juque Holy Land, this handwriting is too big, unexpectedly gave Tuoshan Bell to Juque Shengzi! Seeing this huge clock, many people opened their eyes wide, surprised and envious. Is it the invincible treasure that the legendary giant immortal emperor got in the capital? People who had never seen the Tuoshan Bell could not help looking at the giant bell with wide eyes. It is said that the giant immortal emperor benefited a lot from this bell. Although it can not be said that he became an immortal emperor because of this bell, it is said that the value of this bell is no worse than that of the immortal emperor. A great man looked at the clock and said. Many people also speculated that there must be an imperial vessel on the body of Juque Shengzi, but they did not think that it was not an imperial vessel on the body of Juque Shengzi, but a Tuoshan bell. At that time, the giant celestial immortal emperor got a supreme treasure in the ghost river of the capital city, which was talked about by later generations. Many people went to the ghost river of the capital city for this story. Everyone wanted to be the second giant celestial immortal emperor. Although it is impossible for a treasure to make a person become an immortal emperor all of a sudden, the giant immortal emperor does benefit a lot from this treasure. Rumor has it that the Giant Immortal Emperor once spent a lot of effort on this Tuoshan Bell! There was a rumor that the giant celestial emperor thought that the Tuoshan bell was not just a weapon. However, this is only gossip, outsiders have no chance to touch Tuoshan bell, and do not know what kind of mystery it has. Juque Holy Land has always been very precious to Camel Mountain Bell,touch screen interactive whiteboard, but this generation of Juque Holy Land has given it to Juque Shengzi! Juque Holy Land also hopes that Juque Shengzi will understand some of the mysteries of Tuoshan Bell as Jutianxian Emperor did when he was young. In the view of Juque Holy Land, only when Juque Shengzi can completely control Tuoshan Bell, can he be qualified to compete with such peerless Tianjiao as Emperor's throne. hsdsmartboard.com

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The new game of Hundred Men.