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Destiny is a phoenix Full-time Job

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"Miss Lu, it's all right to fight with each other. If you use your sword, you'll have to see blood. Isn't it too heavy?" Silly voice sounded, a person jumped from the wall, it is Yu Kuang who just won the ring with her. Lu Mingshu said lightly, "How can I be as good as Mr. Yu?"? If you lose in the ring, you have to follow me. Do you think it's not enough to see blood and add another wound to me? Yu Kuang laughed, as if he hadn't heard her sarcasm. He turned to the woman and said, "Younger martial sister, even if you are similar, how can you be the opponent of such an outlaw?"? You mean to fight, but she's going to hurt people. "I.." "A good intention is to learn from each other.". Although I am an outlaw, I never stab people in the back without reason. Lu Mingshu raised his eyes, "if you two don't want to let me go, then use the sword." Yu Kuang shook his head and said, "Miss Lu, your anger is too strong." Lu Mingshu asked lightly, "Mr. Yu, did your elders tell you a truth?" "What?" "See if you are qualified before you teach others a lesson." She raised a smile. "It's ridiculous to lose the competition, step down and block the way, and to teach a lesson with a straight face." The woman was furious: Lu Mingshu! Don't be self-righteous. Do you really think Elder Martial Brother Yu can't beat you? But he wasn't serious. Yu Kuang's eyes flashed: "Is there only victory or defeat in your heart?" "If I can't win, why am I standing here?" Lu Mingshu said coldly, "If I don't win,x52 line pipe, I'll suffer more than this humiliation." He was stunned. "We didn't humiliate you." "Oh!" Lu Mingshu seemed to smile, "I am not as noble as your little sister.". But I never provoked you, even if it was rubble and vegetation. There is a saying that you may not have heard, but I think it is really wise. See her word by word tunnel: "The first flirt is cheap!" " "You.." "Lu Mingshu!" Yu Kuang was only said that she said a block in the heart, but the woman was so angry that she trembled, regardless of a sword cut out, "dare to say we are cheap?"? Obviously, it's you who don't have the face to thank Elder Martial Brother! She was furious,x70 line pipe, originally still delicate sword move hit a discount, Lu Mingshu backhand, but two or three swords, has been exposed to defeat. The woman was angry enough to choke, but also the hand was controlled, anger attack heart, reason burned a light, reach to the waist to pull down a thing, do not want to throw out. Yu Kuang was only in a daze for a while, and the situation became like this. Catch a glimpse of the woman's movements, immediately frightened: "Little sister, no!" " That thing is one of her cards to defend herself, and it will kill her if she is not careful! This thing shot, the surrounding momentum changed, a powerful pressure came, it is beyond its own realm of power. A golden fist print appeared in the air and hit Lu Mingshu. The force is more than a thousand! Lu Mingshu quickly retreated, x60 line pipe ,x70 line pipe, and Xuanli spurted out, turning into a brilliant sword light. Yu Kuang was burning with anxiety and drew his sword decisively. If the fist print is implemented on her body, people will be half useless even if they are not dead. Sword gas, such as dragons and snakes, swept away, only wrapped around the fist print for a moment, Yu Kuang's chest blood gas turned up, a mouthful of blood vomited. Elder Martial Brother Yu! The woman was shocked. But this strength is too strong, he only blocked a moment, the fist print then broke free from his bondage, fell on Lu Mingshu's sword gas Xuanguang. Also only for a moment, the light of the sword was about to crack, and it was about to break. Ding- "I do not know where to come from the voice, several cold light like stars swept over, into the fist print.". At the same time, the sword cuts the cold light. Boom! Fist print is broken. Yu Kuang had a lingering fear in his heart. He was in a daze for a moment when he suddenly remembered something. He looked at the entrance of the alley and called out in a stuttering voice, "Thank you, Elder Martial Brother." I don't know when a wheelchair stopped at the entrance of the lane. The young man on the chair sighed, "Have you had enough trouble?" ~~~~~ Thanks to the leader of the alliance Lu Mingshu and Shi Bi, Xiao Ai changed the name, as if he rewarded himself. (To be continued.) Chapter 133 of the main text is not sensible. & Nb this Lian Zhen childe, and the memory is no different. & Nb is just a little older and a little more mature. In fact, Lu Mingshu did not remember what he looked like. At that time, she was still too young. She only vaguely felt that he was a very good-looking teenager. & Nb "Watch, cousin.." Younger martial sister also stammered. & Nb "That's not how you use the amulet given to you by Taishizu." No one pushed the wheelchair, slowly to the lane, Xie Lianzhen way, "back to the mountain gate, go to Liuxia Cave for a month." & Nb "Cousin!" She let out a whine. A month, the unicorn will be over! & Nb "Thank you, Elder Martial Brother.." & Nb Before Yu Kuang could speak out his plea, Xie Lianzhen said, "And you.". Jiayan is not sensible. Are you also not sensible? Messing around with her? & Nb "No, Elder Martial Brother Xie.." Yu Kuang wanted to defend himself, but after thinking about it, it seemed that he could not blame anyone else for blocking the road, so he could only swallow the words behind him. & Nb "None of Elder Martial Brother Yu's business." Younger martial sister hurriedly said, "I want to come, he is not at ease to follow." & Nb "I'm not at ease." Xie Lianzhen looked at Yu Kuang, expression and tone are still calm, but it is not difficult to hear a trace of blame, "you do not rest assured, when she is fooling around, it should be stopped, rather than their own next fight.". The day after tomorrow is the Kirin Meeting. If you hurt someone, teach her how to compete. & Nb "Cousin!" Yu Kuang didn't say anything, but the younger martial sister shouted, "How can you protect her?"? Elder Martial Brother Yu didn't lay a heavy hand, but just broke some skin.. & Nb "Younger Martial Sister!" Yu Kuang shouted in a low voice. & Nb younger martial sister but not from: "I am not wrong!"! We're doing this for you! Forget Ling Wuxian, what is she? And worthy of you? & Nb Xie Lianzhen frowned and shouted, "Don't talk nonsense!"! You are too old to be young. Don't you understand that rumors are awesome? Be careful not to ruin other people's reputation if you fool around like this! & Nb "Reputation?"? What is her reputation? Younger Martial Sister breathed,316l stainless steel pipe, "What if I don't know?"? It was the Jiuyao Palace that longingly pasted it up and wanted to ask for benefits. Now that you've done it, don't be afraid to be told! When & Nb said the latter sentence, he squinted at Lu Mingshu with contempt in his eyes. lksteelpipe.com

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