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Beast God of Online Games Full-time Job

2 months ago Training Dadeldhurā   73 views
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At the thought of tens of thousands of blood, my mind immediately thought of Zhang Xiaowei's grizzly bear elite, and now the blood volume has reached 3 W! Although the defense is not very good, the amount of blood can resist. If I had known the Grizzly Elite was so useful, I would have left it anyway. Anyway, my pet carrying capacity is 6, and now there are 3 idle! Alas! One slip leads to eternal hatred! After thinking about it, let him help! By the way, let him get some reputation. Kill these wild boars and you can almost build a gang. Less than 10 minutes after the mail was sent, Zhang Xiaowei appeared breathlessly beside Solander's transmission point. In order to wait for him, I was also at the transmission point. With the words "come with me," I began to lead the way, heading east of Solander. Soon, a group of us came to the place where I had just hung up. The wild boar king, who had been attacked three times by four feet, had already hung up, and his equipment exploded all over the ground. However, none of us dared to pick it up. Because, in the place where the wild boar died just now, groups of wild boar kings gathered there. Now all we can do is watch the equipment being brushed off. How can we describe the pain? Zhang Xiaowei put his Grizzly Elite in front of us, and the other three pets around us. I don't know what he thought, but all three pets were replaced by wild elephants,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and they were all ordinary monsters, none of them were elite, although they were much weaker than my four feet and kittens, but they were ridiculously big. We were surrounded for four weeks. To be on the safe side, I only let four feet attack, while the other two pets and Zhang Xiaowei's pets changed to protection mode. Shu and Chen Yiran in the same trade are the same, while Xiaoli is in the center and protected by everyone. In order to make the friends I know stronger, of course,large artificial blossom trees, I have to get them to share the experience. Four feet are hard to bear the attack in the wild boar king group in the mountain forest. Although there are many wild boar kings in the mountain forest, they can't give all the damage to four feet. There are only 10 wild boar kings around four feet. Although the others are not far away, they can't get close to four feet all the time. My cure can still make up for its lost HP, of course, there is no suspense. In 20 minutes. Four feet around the wild boar king of the mountain forest are almost dead, at this time I just remembered one thing. There are so many wild boar kings in the mountains, and the equipment will certainly explode a lot after the explosion, but with the small backpack capacity of a few of us, it is impossible to put them all in. Now the only thing I can think of is Xiao Jiang, who has a backpack capacity of 1,000, and can put all his equipment in it anyway. When I sent him a message, I thought of a serious problem-he didn't know where we were, and we had to have someone to bring him here. Small profit, of course, is not good, outdoor ficus tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, his level is too low, and defense is very weak, not to mention the wild boar in the mountains, even if the ordinary spotted tiger has to be seconds. Zhang Xiaowei of course not, I also need his grizzly bear elite to protect themselves and everyone! Of course, only Shu and Chen were left, but with their abilities now, it would be very difficult to escape if they met wild boars in the mountains. This problem is really a headache! However, the problem was soon solved. The wild boar kings, who could not get close to four feet, soon turned their attention to us, who were in their attack range, and rushed towards us one after another desperately. Of course, we are not at the mercy of pigs, with more than 30000 blood in front of the grizzly elite can resist their first round of attacks. However, this is only the first round of attacks, I do not know if it is too bad luck, after the second round of attacks, three wild elephants simply died, but we survived. Fortunately, at this moment, four feet have rushed over, the more than a dozen wild boar kings beside it have hung up, and the equipment has exploded all over the ground. At this time, we have no idea of picking up the equipment, because the wild boar kings have launched the third collision attack. Although the Grizzly Elite has been placed in front of us, and the kitten and Xiaobai are also in protective mode, I do not feel at ease. Afterward, 4 feet already arrived at the front of the team, the wild boar kings in the mountain forest also rushed over, the feeling of uneasiness in the heart was more and more intense. When the wild boar kings rushed to the front of the four feet, I finally knew what had happened. These smelly pigs actually bypassed the four-legged and grizzly elite and rushed directly at us players. Of course, there was no suspense about what happened next. Five of us went back to the city for free and lost our experience. We came to the pet messenger to revive Xiaobai and the kitten. Zhang Xiaowei also revived his three wild elephants. Calling Xiao Jiang, six of us came to the place where we were hung up again. The wild boar kings returned to the place just now, and at their feet, countless equipment and gold coins shone brightly. Eh! Xiao Li cried out doubtfully. We followed the sound. He actually picked up two small things from the ground and held them in his hands to watch. Choke! Unexpectedly is 2 rings, really do not know how those wild boars in the mountains and forests exploded, even the rings exploded here, however, Xiaoli's eyes are really good, even the small rings in the grass can be found. But why do those two rings look so familiar! "Xiao Li!"! Show me the ring. Took the ring from the hands of small profit, exaggerated is actually the same as my guardian ring and physical ring attributes, the heart can only think of the ring burst out is really nothing new, the same attributes is not fun at all. He handed the ring to Shu, who wanted to know its attributes, and looked at it. Ha-ha ha-ha ha Shu burst into deafening laughter. Chen Yiran, who did not understand why he was like this, also took the ring, but Chen Yiran's reaction was the same as Shu's. I don't know how they can laugh so happily. Anyway,faux ficus tree, the other four of us are just waiting for them to get back to normal. Lan Xun! Look at your equipment bar. Finally, Shu returned to normal, but asked me a question that I couldn't figure out. Text 62 Cave 1. hacartificialtree.com

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